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  • Being discouraged and not appealing a denial. 50-60% of initial claims are denied.
  • Not continuing to see your doctor and take prescribed medication.
  • Assuming that Social Security will obtain all of your important medical records.
  • Not keeping your attorney fully informed of your situation i.e. medical treatments, SSA correspondence and contact information changes.
  • Failure to file timely appeals.
  • Submitting medical reporting and functional capacity statements which will hurt your claim.
  • Failing to express all of your symptoms and limitations to your treating doctor(s). Be sure to describe your limitations and symptoms in detail.
  • Not making notes about symptoms (pain, seizures) and the side effects of medications.
  • Not keeping accurate dates of onset for your various problems.
  • Completing the Disability Report and Daily Activity Questionnaires without consulting your attorney.
  • Failure to take names and dates of disability claim contacts.
  • Relying on answers from SSA’s 800 number representatives.
  • Not asking for a report of contact when given an answer by the local Social Security office.
  • Answering phone inquiries instead of deferring to your attorney.
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